The Conversation Isn’t Over: Demand Action on Dementia

1st December 2023

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Dementia Summit, held on 31st October 2023, was not just a gathering—it was a call for action to improve the education and care of dementia. Leading experts, researchers, healthcare professionals, and those intimately touched by dementia came together to confront the realities of the condition and to forge solutions aimed at improving the lives of those affected.

A poignant moment at the summit was the address by keynote speakers Peter Berry and Deb Bunt, co-authors of “Living Well with Dementia.” Peter, living with dementia, and Deb, his close friend, spoke on the truth of living the condition. Peter told delegates: “I want to be treated as me. Treat people with dementia how you’d want to be treated. Be kind.”

In a panel discussion regarding the importance of communication, Dr. Natalie Yates-Bolton, Senior Lecturer in Nursing at the University of Salford declared, “We’re the ones that need to think differently.”

Delegates engaged in hard-hitting discussions, delving into critical topics such as early diagnosis, the pivotal role of technology and environmental factors in dementia care, breakthroughs in research, caregiver support and the urgency of cultivating dementia-friendly communities. A resounding call echoed throughout, in the bid to attract societal and government attention towards raising awareness of the condition: ‘make dementia cool.’

The summit circled back to a singular truth—those living with dementia must not be forgotten, and the bonds of meaningful connections must not be severed. Dr. Isabelle Latham, Researcher-in-Residence at Hallmark Care Homes, affirmed, “Joy is an ever-present possibility at every stage of the journey and is derived from meaningful connections.” Jackie Pool, Dementia Care Champion at QCS, delivered the reminder, “Everybody has abilities, and our duty is to help them realise these abilities for meaningful connections.”

Dementia Summit 2023 was more than dialogue. Those in attendance convened to share not just knowledge but a collective commitment to action. Networking wasn’t just about connections; it was about forging alliances to revolutionise dementia care.

Broadway Events extends gratitude to all speakers, sponsors, exhibitors and supporters for their unwavering dedication to the cause at Dementia Summit 2023. The conversations sparked and the momentum generated aren’t mere echoes; they are the drumbeats of a movement propelling us toward a future where dementia is not just acknowledged but decisively confronted.

Continue to talk about dementia; the conversation isn’t over—it’s a demand for change.

Dementia Summit will return for 2024, taking place on 10th September at The King’s Fund London. 

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Why attend Dementia Summit?

Dementia Summit has been launched with the mission to empower and elevate education, research and care surrounding dementia.
During this one-day conference, engage in a stimulating programme comprising of targeted speaker sessions and panel discussions led by prominent influencers and researchers in the field of social care and dementia.

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