Pedalling Through Dementia: Peter Berry Tells His Story at Dementia Summit

23rd August 2023

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Dementia Summit, a groundbreaking event dedicated to advancing education, research and care surrounding dementia, is proud to announce the participation of Peter Berry, co-author of the inspiring book ‘Slow Puncture: Living Well with Dementia.’ Peter Berry will be joining fellow co-author Deb Bunt as a keynote speaker at the summit, scheduled to take place on the 31st October at The King’s Fund in London.

Diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s at the age of 50, Suffolk-born Peter Berry faced an unexpected life change that led him on a remarkable journey. Formerly the successful owner of a thriving timber business, Peter’s life took an unforeseen turn as he found himself unable to continue working or managing his business due to his diagnosis. Despite the challenges he encountered, Peter’s resilient spirit and optimistic outlook prevailed. 

“Life isn’t over with dementia, it’s just a little different.” 

In the face of his diagnosis, Peter Berry battled through initial bouts of depression, leveraging his inherent ‘glass half full’ personality to find a renewed sense of purpose. Cycling, a passion he held close to his heart, emerged as his avenue of empowerment. Peter’s passion for cycling not only helped him overcome depression but also became a vehicle for raising awareness about dementia, particularly among younger individuals. 

“Cycling does not create a memory but it does create a feeling… I can’t remember the routes or distances but I remember the feeling of being free from dementia. Dementia has become a prison; cycling is the key to freedom.” 

Peter Berry’s appearance as a keynote speaker alongside co-author Deb Bunt promises to provide a heartfelt and insightful contribution to the Dementia Summit. Delegates can look forward to hearing firsthand about Peter’s personal journey, his strategies for living well with dementia, and his efforts to uplift others through his advocacy. 

Dementia Summit brings together leaders and seniors in social care, to equip them with essential tools for implementing actionable changes on the dementia care in their organisations. Delegates will participate in a stimulating programme featuring targeted speaker sessions and panel discussions led by prominent influencers and researchers in the field of social care and dementia. 

The event also includes networking breaks that provide opportunities to connect with fellow leaders. Delegates will also enjoy high-quality refreshments, snacks, lunch and an afternoon drinks reception – all of which are included in the ticket cost. 

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Why attend Dementia Summit?

Dementia Summit has been launched with the mission to empower and elevate education, research and care surrounding dementia. 

During this one-day conference, engage in a stimulating programme comprising of targeted speaker sessions and panel discussions led by prominent influencers and researchers in the field of social care and dementia.

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