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Boosting Recruitment and Retention With Video Content

26th October 2021

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We understand that recruiting can be a challenge at the moment and we are all looking for a way to make the process smoother, and a big part of that is video. Being able to create engaging and inspiring content really shows the power of video as it is the most reliable way to get more applicants in the digital age we live in. 

Here are our top 5 ways to use video with recruitment: 

1. Boost advertising reach.

Advertising on social media is very beneficial when recruiting, it’s reliable and used by millions daily. Using video in your recruitment campaign leads to more people seeing your job postings, increases engagement in your ads, and ultimately, makes you stand out above your competition. Social platforms love video because of their high engagement, and visually stands out a lot more on social feeds than text or photos

2. Increase the number of applicants.

When introducing video to advertising, it’s important to explain the job role with engaging content to bring in more applicants. Video content opens up vast opportunities to explain exactly what your role entails and to highlight what applicants can look forward to. Using video on a landing page increases engagement and leads to more interest in your role, so If a candidate is weighing up whether to apply to your company or another company, video could be that thing that encourages them to favour you. 

3. Increase your number of interviews 

Creating desire, excitement for the role, and further interest after the application is important. Second thoughts and concerns are normal when candidatesare applying for jobs, especially if it’s in a role that they’ve never done before. Giving them information about the workplace, your company values, and the kind of environment they would be a part of will play a big part in your chances of maintaining those applicants. Using video part way through the application process is a great way to keep interest and lessen drop-offs, so consider a short video sent by text or email to applicants when their interview is coming up. During the application process, drop-offs might happen purely because of nerves. A transparent ‘what to expect on your first-day’ video, or an interview with a member of your team who currently works in that role could be all they need to stick with the process and show up to your interview. Something as simple as this can encourage candidates to continue the process, quell nerves, and ultimately result in them choosing to attend your interview over others.

4. Post-interview congratulations and expectations

After the interview, there is a great opportunity to engage with applicants. This is where you can start providing more information about the company, introducing them to their senior team, and telling them how best to prepare for their role. Drop-offs won’t only happen pre-interview, every stage right up until a candidate’s first day can benefit from video. Keeping engagement throughout the process is the key to retaining employees; this is an exciting time for applicants. Why not use video to congratulate them on their hard work during the process and thank them for their interest? 

5. Introduction and starting the job 

A big problem within the care sector is people starting a new role and leaving quickly. Not only will an engaging video help to narrow down those people with a true interest in the job role, but it will also help motivate them to make their own goals within and throughout the job. It’s so important that the candidates applying for your role are aligned with your company values, so keeping the video content consistent right up until the end of the recruitment process helps to keep your company vision and values at the forefront of your candidates’ minds throughout their application. Video also helps prepare candidates for their first day, meaning you can jump straight into shadowing and training, knowing the basics have already been covered. Video is also an opportunity to introduce the team members your candidate will meet on their first day, so they know who to look out for when they begin their role. 


Recruitment is one of the biggest issues that we face in the care sector at the moment but adding video into the mix can really help to boost applications, maintain interest before interviews, and increase employee retention in the long run. If you are not yet using video at any stage in the recruitment process, you may be falling behind your competitors and you could be losing out on valuable applications. If you are getting a lot of applications that follow through to the interview stage, consider how video could help your employee retention rates by decreasing the number of drop-offs and early leavers.

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